Saturday, October 8, 2011

I joined Blogtoberfest sponsered by Tresa Black

I am going to get back into posting on my blog, wither it is about scrapbooking or just life.  Tresa is the sponser for blogtoberfest.  She is such an inspiration to me, a sister Close to My Heart consultant. 

So the hubby and I have been busy with our house.  Doing things that needed done, even if we were not going to put it "on the market".  The realtor we are using is wanting a professional photographer to come in, soon.  So I am going through the daylight basement, almost 1400 sq ft.  Working on one room,  whick is my "crap" room, I use it as a storage room really.  All my fabric, quilting, decorations and more stuff is in there. 
We already took a truck load of items to different charity groups.  I also gave approx 150 yards of fabric to 3 different groups.  Still have 10x more fabric than what I gave away.  LOL.  Then my scrapbooking room, not even going there!  Just going to organize it, for now.  I was going thru the basement as if moving, getting ready for that next step in our lives. 
And I have to paint the whole basement floor.

We decided that our next house doesn't need to be so big.  No children at home.  So smaller would be better for us.  Less space for me to fill.  LOL, again.

Well,  I will get art on here again.  I have been doing projects, just not getting photos downloaded.  I have a new camera.  It did not come with any cables.  Weird.  I bought it brand new from a camera shop, a Nikon D3100.  Just have to get a cable, soon.

That's all for now.

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