Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wedding Album, Engagement photos

 This is some of the engagement photos that Clint and Julia had taken.  At Klamath Lake.  I had only 40 made of the lower left.  This shows their sense of humor and just a select few invitations had this pic included. 
It was really cold on this day.  Sun may have been out, but still chilly.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Wedding layout; Clint and the Girls

This layout is pics of the "Groom", Clint and the Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor and the bridesmaids. Some candid shots
Again, Using Bella paper.  This paper packet is retiring Dec  31st.
I used Create-A-Shade paint on the flowers to give them shimmer.
 This is a close up of the vellum sticker.  I colored in the flowers and leaves with a blending pen and ink pads in the colors of the wedding.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another layout for daughters wedding album

The story behind this set of pages is; We had the wedding party on the road taking pics, heard a truck turn onto the road, a diesel and when the truck came into view, noticed it was Grandma in her truck.  Thought it was by the sound, but it couldn't be, that would make her early.  Which she almost never is.  LOL.
 Used paper pack Bella and Bella stickease.  Also used a cuttlebug, brads and liquid glass.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Winter is here!

The snow has finally arrived.  Yahoo!!!.  I took a couple pics off of our deck. 
 This is our front deck, looking East, Southeast.

This is a pic looking west.  The sunset pics that I post is usually taken from this spot. I checked my posts on this blog and found only one pic of a sunset from this spot.  The others must be in my computer, somewhere. ( LOL)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Just got home from a Weekend Retreat; Pirates and Pearls

 This is part of the decorations at the retreat I went to this weekend.  35 of us ladies there.  This was at Camp Cascade.  What a Blast!!!   Didn't get as much scrapping done, as planned, but that is not unusual for me.(LOL).
 This is half of the room, set up with the tables to scrap on.  We got there at Noon on Friday, and left Sunday at 11am.  We actually left an hour early.  Felicia, Carol and I carpooled.
The food at Camp Cascade was great.  I ate way too much.

Met a lot of neat ladies, had a wonderful time visiting and looking at all the ways people do their scrapbooks.  New ideas and creativity abound.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Computer Crashed

I am unable to post artwork at this time, due to my desktop crashing.  I was checking my emails and all of a sudden the computer just turned off.  It would not restart, so I unplugged it and waited approx. 5mins.  Tried to start it up again, after a min of sounding like it was going to start, turned off again. 

I texted my son-in-law, and the response was that I should of replaced the computer 5 yrs ago, LOL.  But it served my needs, why update it?  OLD.  Oh, well.  I will try to figure out my laptop a little better, and get some artwork on here.  I have been very busy with projects for the holiday, so I have pics I need to download.